8 months ago I dislocated my shoulder while skiing. During the last two months I finally got full motion back in my shoulder, so today I figured that skiing would be a good idea to test this. Actually full motion in the shoulder isn’t really needed for skiing, but anyway… Testing my new ski boots was another good reason to go skiing, or so I told myself, so I’ve been to the indoor ski track. The girl at the ticket counter warned that it was icy, and boy was she right. No problem, though, as I got back into the movements really quickly, and even at the first run I was flying confidently on top of the snow.

Even though it’s just an indoor track it made me realize how I missed out last holiday, and it reaffirmed my idea to go skiing in the Alps for a long weekend in December, provided a decent amount of snow falls before that time. I did try to make a picture while in the lift, but it wasn’t that good. Actually, it was so bad I’m not showing it here in the blog.

Published on 19/10/2006 at 20h05 by Hans de Graaff, tags , ,

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