Finally, the keys

Last week I finally got the keys to my new house.

After all the hassle of getting a mortgage time was running out before my skiing holiday. Having planned the key exchange just before going on vacation perhaps wasn’t the best piece of planning, but things would have worked out had the mortgage company looked at all the paperwork in one go. Instead they opted to look at one document and have me deal with some issues, only to start looking at the next unrelated document when the previous one got resolved. I’m not surprised anymore that banks and financial institutions often have trouble to bring their cost down.

Even with these additional delays it would have been possible to get the key before going on vacation, had it not been for the notary I selected: Notariskantoor van Brummelen in Voorburg. I ‘choose’ them as part of a package deal with one of the mortgage advisors I talked to, and I’ve not been happy with the decision. If things are too busy to get my work fast-tracked, then please tell me so right away instead of telling me that it will be hard and then not be able to handle it at the last moment. After this incident I agreed that my father would get the keys while I was on vacation, and the date was set for that Wednesday. However, they had no problem rescheduling it to Friday without consulting anyone, and even then they managed not to have the money, claiming that the money lender could not transfer the money that quickly. An obviously bogus argument, as mortgage money always gets transferred in one day with a priority transfer. In the end I had to get the keys this Monday from the notary’s office. You’ll probably want to pick a different office if you have a choice.

But let’s not dwell on these minor setbacks. I now have the keys, so it’s time to fix up some things and then move in! Yesterday I already had a productive day clearing out some unwanted stuff with my brother. Next step is to get the painters in.

Published on 01/04/2007 at 10h37 by Hans de Graaff, tags , ,

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