Stuffed squid

This weekend while getting groceries at the market I couldn't help but wander over to the fish stalls and just buy something and cook a nice dinner during the weekend. My eyes quickly came to rest on the squid which turned out to be fairly cheap as well as nice-looking. It wasn't before long that a nice portion found its way into my backpack.

That still left the question as to what to do with them. The wonderful Moro cookbook came to the rescue with a recipe for stuffed squid, Carlos style. I was a bit miffed to find no parsley the house on Sunday, but even without the parsley this proved to be a very nice dish. Certainly someting to be repeated, but with parsley this time!

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All my previous attempts at making my own bread sucked. Well, at least compared to the latest incarnations. Given that I’ve had quite positive feedback on previous attempts I’m now left to wonder: were people just polite? Truth to be said, whenever I had some of the old kind of bread left I’d toss it. Yesterday I happily ate it with some soup. I guess it’s not so much that my previous bread was good, but that supermarket bread in general is really bad.

But now I think I cracked it (a bit at least). The right ingredients and a good set of instructions make all the difference. Finally I’m making bread that is comparable to what I can buy in a good artisan baker’s shop!

Published on 29/05/2006 at 18h00 by Hans de Graaff, tags , , ,

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