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Social bookmarking is getting more and more popular. The social software weblog tipped me off on Socialmarks. It seems that the new things that Socialmarks will bring to the table is social bookmarking of RSS feeds, so it will actually be more like a feed reader with recommendations. While that is interesting, I have to wonder whether that will appeal to people who are not the internet-savvy web designer like people that a lot of these services seem to be designed for. One interesting thing on their website it the mention of automated trend discovery. There is a lot of potential there, but it is also very hard to do this right.

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Getting Things Done is stirring more and more ideas and applications, it seems. MyTicklerFile is the latest I came across. It claims to be a companion for GTD, and is written in Rails. It’s focus is specifically on the concept of ticklers, reminders which you set for yourself for the future so that you are tickled at the right time to act on it.

The tickler file is one of the GTD things that I haven’t really integrated in my system yet. For some reason I don’t put many things in it, and consequently I don’t look much at the tickler file and eventually miss the tickle for those things that I did put in there. Getting alerts about it would be great, so perhaps the people at MyTicklerFile are on to something, because this is exactly what they do. The site can send email at the right time to tickle you about your items.

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What to forget?

A few days ago I went into town to by some more GTD, only to realize that I forgot my wallet. In and by itself that’s not such an extraordinary thing, and certainly no harm came of it as I realized it while parking my bike. I was only ‘punished’ by having to bike back home and into town again on a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon. What stuck me was that I did have my mobile phone with me. Obviously I would not forget something as important as that. The whole thing also made me realize that the same thing happened twice already during the last weeks, both times at work. Mobile phone firmly in hand, but no wallet. Clearly I’m ready to pay stuff using my mobile phone, and I’m looking forward to the day when I just need to carry one artifact to handle all the little things in life.

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Hello world!

There it is, the first post in my blog! It took a long time, considering the time I’ve been online. The main reason for starting now is an upcoming change in my life. Right now I’m still working for a Large Corporation. Blogging just doesn’t seem to fit very well with that, at least not for me. Many of the things that I would have liked to express an opinion about would be difficult in terms of competition or embarrassment. Getting formal agreement on a blog seemed an exercise in bureaucracy that I wasn’t willing to try. So, no blog, even though there has been a website for quite some time, rather crummy as it may be at the moment.

The upcoming change is to start a company with Rene and Mark. Both already have blogs, so clearly it is peer pressure that is driving me to create one as well. Or perhaps it will just be fun to be opinionated about all kinds of things.

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