New PGP key

Like many other people I've also created a new PGP key. My old key was, well, old, and based on a 1024 bit DSA key, which is no longer considered secure. My new key also contains my name as it appears on my passport, which should make keysigning parties go a bit smoother.

My old key, 0xFB0878BB, will remain valid for some time, but I'll sign my emails and Gentoo commits with my new key, 0xEFDBB3EC. I've signed my new key with my old key, so if you could verify my old key you should be able to verify my new key, although it will take one further step in the web of trust. I expect to be at the keysigning party at FOSDEM so that will integrate the new key more firmly.

Published on 27/12/2010 at 13h32 by Hans de Graaff, tags

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