XEmacs packages up-to-date

This weekend I’ve added the last few missing XEmacs packages to Gentoo, so that Gentoo now carries the complete set of lisp packages as they are supported upstream. Actually, there are still a few packages that need sorting out. app-xemacs/ess does not seem to be packaged anymore upstream, even though the package source is still in CVS so that warrants some investigation.

The app-xemacs/liece package will be removed and is currently in package.mask, because it is no longer developed and no longer carried upstream. The liece author suggests to use app-xemacs/riece instead. liece will be removed at the end of the year.

The sumo package (xemacs-packages-sumo) has not been updated yet. This package basically contains all of the other packages in a single archive, and for Gentoo it makes more sense to turn this into a meta-package. This still allows all lisp packages to be installed from a single Gentoo package, but it avoids carrying all lisp packages twice, and the inclusion of a whole set of blockers on all these packages (because the sumo package and the individual packages install the same files). Work is currently underway to create such a package,

Next stop: cleaning up the XEmacs editor ebuild and adding fixes for its many open bugs.

Published on 26/11/2006 at 10h04 by Hans de Graaff, tags

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