A big day

Actually, today was not so much the big day as was last week Monday. I didn’t blog about it at that time, but that was the day that we secured our initial funding for the new company. While we had a quick celebration, feeling both dazed and elated, we also realized that now things were starting for real, one of the consequences being to turn in the resignation letter at my current job.

Actually my current company has everything on the HR side under control with Peoplesoft, so there is a convenient function on the intranet to announce your resignation. No need to write an official letter and sign it, just fill in a web form and off you go. You’ve got to wonder how often someone ‘resigns’ just because he left his terminal unlocked while stepping out for a moment. In a fit of humanity the form did suggest to talk to the manager first, but I already did so last week, so all that was left was to click on the button.

Which I did do this afternoon.

So now I’m out of a job on January 1st, with the promise to be able to work for my own company, which does not officially exist yet, based on a work contract that still needs drafting. It reminds me of my previous resignation, where I also quit without having much more than a verbal agreement with my next employer. Positive thinking is a great thing.

On the up side this whole development is great news, as we will be able to start the company in earnest! I’m really looking forward to it, and the idea of having your own company is already turning everything upside down. Just today I was talking to a co-worker about buying a laptop for the new company. His reaction was to simply buy it if I thought I’d need it, but it just isn’t that simple. Buying a laptop means cash leaves the company, and there in only so much to go around. Buying a laptop might mean there’s really no money to buy a good development machine/server, based on our current budgeting, so is the laptop really needed? Sure, it would be nice, but nice doesn’t cut it. Is it really needed, that is the question. No, really needed. Sigh. I haven’t decided yet, let alone what kind of laptop I should buy… Wonderful worries to have.

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