Getting Things Done is stirring more and more ideas and applications, it seems. MyTicklerFile is the latest I came across. It claims to be a companion for GTD, and is written in Rails. It’s focus is specifically on the concept of ticklers, reminders which you set for yourself for the future so that you are tickled at the right time to act on it.

The tickler file is one of the GTD things that I haven’t really integrated in my system yet. For some reason I don’t put many things in it, and consequently I don’t look much at the tickler file and eventually miss the tickle for those things that I did put in there. Getting alerts about it would be great, so perhaps the people at MyTicklerFile are on to something, because this is exactly what they do. The site can send email at the right time to tickle you about your items.

Published on 23/09/2005 at 08h27 by Hans de Graaff, tags

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