Hello world!

There it is, the first post in my blog! It took a long time, considering the time I’ve been online. The main reason for starting now is an upcoming change in my life. Right now I’m still working for a Large Corporation. Blogging just doesn’t seem to fit very well with that, at least not for me. Many of the things that I would have liked to express an opinion about would be difficult in terms of competition or embarrassment. Getting formal agreement on a blog seemed an exercise in bureaucracy that I wasn’t willing to try. So, no blog, even though there has been a website for quite some time, rather crummy as it may be at the moment.

The upcoming change is to start a company with Rene and Mark. Both already have blogs, so clearly it is peer pressure that is driving me to create one as well. Or perhaps it will just be fun to be opinionated about all kinds of things.

Published on 18/09/2005 at 21h54 by Hans de Graaff, tags

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